Objection Handling

Why Not Wait Till Spring?

Countering the common objection for listing in the off-season

I’d rather wait until the spring buying season.

That’s a great idea.

But let me throw another idea at you while we’re talking about great ideas. As you probably know, the springtime is
the most popular time to put your house on the market. That’s when everybody puts his house on the market. Have you ever
traded the stock market?

I’ve got a 401-K.

Great! Perfect. Now let me ask you something. When everybody else is buying stock, what should you be doing? Selling. You should sell your stock because there isn’t anybody left to buy. And when everybody’s selling,what should you be doing? That’s right: you should be buying – you know, the contrarian investment strategy.

And it works! Right now, inventories are at an all-time low. Why? Because we had one heck of a buying season this past summer. Our inventory levels are really low right now. So guess what? If you put your house on the market now, you’re going to have very little competition.

Last spring, inventories were 29% higher than they are right now. Would you rather have your house listed side by side with an extra 200 houses, or would you rather compete against very few? It doesn’t matter to me. It’s up to you. But if it were my house, I’m going
to tell you, I’d want to be up against as few people as possible because I’d want to get the top dollar for my house. What about you?

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