For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Unique FSBO Cold-call Script

Low pressure FSBO cold-call script that offers them a simple service and allows you to help them (and you) before you secure the listing

Hi, my name is [Name] with [Company]. Are you the owner of 123 Main St.?


Okay great, can I come by to take a video of the property this week?

They will respond with “Um sure…I guess…why?”

I have several out of town buyers I’d like to show the property to. I prefer not to drive out to the same house more than once.

“Okay” [They might ask for proof that you’re a realtor. Text them a picture of your business card and real estate license card]

  1. Go to house and take video/photos.
  2. Use to create an awesome video tour.
  3. Create a Single Property Website for the property
  4. Wait a day and call back.

Hey, it’s Chris again. Thanks for letting me come take a video. It’s a beautiful property! Why in the world are you selling it?

Sellers tells you motivation and timeframe for selling

Okay, I understand. Well look, I’ve put together a professional video tour of the property. Are you interested in seeing it?

They always say yes

Okay I’ll email it to you. What’s your best email?

Seller gives email

I’ll send it over. By the way, you can share this link on Facebook and ask your friends to share it as well. Often times, you’ll get enough traffic to the page to find a buyer.

Seller agrees

There’s also a way you can connect with more buyers on zillow by the way.

I’m sure you noticed that they put their “premier agents” right next to your listing and your contact info is ALL the way down at the bottom of the page.

Seller agrees and grumbles about Zillow

Well we have a way of branding the lead photo so that people can text you for a free video tour. That’s what everyone wants anyway.

There are two ways you can do it. They can text you directly and you can text them back the link.

Or we have a text auto responder service that will do it automatically. Some seller prefer this so they don’t have to reply to texts in the middle of the night or all day at work.

Seller tells you their preference

Okay cool, I’ll make the image and email it to you. All you have to do is upload it to Zillow as the first photo on your listing.

“Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?”

Well, I actually am a straight up nice guy and I like helping people. But when this service connect you with more buyers it will connect me with more buyers too. One of them will buy your home…the rest I’ll help find another home.

Give me an hour and I’ll email you the photo. Talk soon.

Use to superimpose listing photo. 

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