Objection Handling

Overcome Commission Objections

Short and simple rebuttal when a seller says you are charging too much.

Your price is too high. Company X will sell it for 4%.

You really want to sell it, right? You’ve got zero risk, though; I’ve got all the risk. Until it sells, it costs you not one dime.

Well, you’re charging me 8%!

Let me ask you this: if the house doesn’t sell, how much is 8% of zero? And if I don’t sell it, guess who gets to spend the money for advertising? I do. So, obviously, if I didn’t think it would sell, I wouldn’t waste my time or my money. Actually, you’ve got zero risk here!

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Levi Jones

Levi is a co-founder and head coach at GuerillaRealty.com. He has personally coached thousands of agents in lead generation techniques as well as online lead prospecting.

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