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Listing At 8% Over The Phone

Ultimate Listing Presentation Script from Matt Jones, pairs with his famous listing approach 

This is [Name] with [Company]. You contacted me through my web site about the value of your house, and I was trying
to touch base with you. Did I catch you at a bad time?”

No, no, it’s a fine time

Well, then, the first thing I want to find out is if the information I’ve got is right. So I say, “Pretend
I’m Stevie Wonder, and I can’t see your house. Give me an idea of what your house is like. (Owners usually
don’t remember what information they filled in anyway.)

Tell me about your house.(Meanwhile, I have the MLS and their CMA open in front of me, and if I’ve
got to tweak it or something, I can.)

So the owner is telling me about his house, and I basically let him talk. And I let him give it to me for five minutes.

Uh huh. Okay, yeah, okay.

And so then I ask him another open-ended question, something about the house, and let him do it again.

From what you’re telling me about the house, it sounds like a great property. Why in the world would
you want to sell it?

Tip: Again, I get all the information I can because, most of the time, if you let a person talk (which we salesmen
don’t like to do because we’ve got to be in control) he’s going to tell you exactly what his hot buttons are. He’s going to tell you exactly how to sell him. “Yeah, well, we listed it with it So and So,” or, “Well, the last agent we had – blah, blah, blah…” Just let your customers tell you everything.

Well, listen, I’ve got a lot of information about the house here on the computer…(I maybe read back a couple of things to him to
make sure I’ve got it right, and I’m starting to get into a dialogue with him.)

Just out of curiosity, what are you thinking in terms of the value of the house? (because I want to find out beforehand if I’m going to be blowing him out of the water with my numbers)

If he comes in a lot higher, though, I say

Well, that’s interesting. Now let me bring up something else. I’m looking at all the homes that have sold recently in your
area. You’re wanting $280,000.00 for your house,and I’m showing that nothing in your square footage, in the last five years anyway, has ever sold within $10,000.00 of that amount. Help me understand what it is about your house that brings its value up because
I need to find similar properties.

Well, it really comes down to a range of X dollars to Y dollars. (from a previously prepared CMA)

At what point within that range you can actually sell your house will depend largely on the approach you use. Does that
make sense?


Well, you know, there are 1100 real estate agents in our market, so I guess you could say that there are 1100 different approaches to selling a house, right?


But when you boil it all down, there are really only two ways to sell a house, and everything falls into one of these two categories:
you can sell a house by price, or you can sell it by traffic. Now, does that make sense?

Usually the answer is no. I want the customer to ask me questions, though. I want to involve him so that he feels he’s taking part in
a dialogue.

You know, the bottom line is that house prices aren’t like stock prices. You can’t go on the computer and learn that a house is worth $43.38 today. A house’s value is subjective. So it’s going to be worth somewhere in the range of, say, $250,000 to $275,000.
Now, where are you going to price it? Basically, the traditional approach says that we go to the low end of the range; we go to $250,000, and we sell it by price. If it doesn’t sell in a month, though, we go back to the owner and ask him or her to reduce the price. So then the agent says, “We’re going to drop it to $245,000.” And the owner is saying, “Yeah…” And hemay be reliving history. “And if that doesn’t work foryou in another month, I’m going to come back to see you, and guess what we’re going to do?”

Uh…lower the price?

Yeah, exactly! And so on and so on. We’re going to cut off your arm an inch at a time until eventually we suck in some bottom feeder.

Now, the traditional approach will sell your house, but, to be honest with you, I have to say that it’s a very expensive way to go.
“So what I’d recommend, and what I’ve been doing very successfully, would be to use a completely different approach. Basically what I would do, instead of pricing at $275,000, would be to go to the other end of the range and raise the price 10%. And then what I’d do would be to build into that price with a ‘bribe.’ We’d build into that price with an incentive to pay out to the other agents.” (The bottom line is that price doesn’t sell houses: REALTORS® sell houses.)

So what we’re going to do is raise the price to the high end of that range, and we’re going to build into it an additional commission for the real estate agents. We’re going to give them an incentive to show your house! What we’re going to do is sell it by traffic.”

But the bottom line is that this approach may not be for you. I’m equally comfortable with either approach. We can use the traditional approach or we could use the traffic approach. Whichever way is better for you.

Setting the stage:

This script works perfectly after an agent understands and has done the homework for the Ultimate Listing Presentation which goes into much more detail about the price vs. traffic approaches.

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