Objection Handling

Justify Your Commissions

Script that will help you to justify your commission rate or fees when questioned by your client.

Your fees are too high. Another agent said they only charge X%

Mr. or Mrs. Seller,

Is today about winning the debate on fees, is today about getting the best deal on fees or is today about hiring the best agent? Because they are two different things.

Look, if today is just about getting the cheapest fees, you could have just called around and hired the lowest bidder, but I know you’ve interviewed two or three of us and that means you’re looking for the best agent.

But I get it. Somewhere along the lines, that process derailed from getting the best agent to looking for the best deal. They are two different things.

About the Author

Aaron Shiner

Aaron’s success won him many national awards within the First National group and before long he was being invited to train agents with his methods, systems and ideas. From humble beginnings, his company LockedOn has quickly grown to become an Australian technology success story and is now a major player in the real estate software space in Australia and New Zealand. He has grown to become one of the pre-eminent trainers in the world on real estate scripts and dialogues.

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