Objection Handling

Going With The Same Agent

Gently explain why going with the same agent they had before might not work

I think we are just going to use the same agent we used last time. 

Can I tell you one reason why that worries me?

Your former agent did his best to sell the home right? And I’m sure he showed you a plan that involved telling everyone in his sphere of influence and brokerage about your home – marketing it to everyone he knew right?

But he did that and it failed – its time to reach out to a new circle of people to find the person who is willing to pay top dollar for your home. I’d love to come by tonight at to discuss how we can get your home sold.


Mr. Seller, I respect that loyalty. As a matter of fact, should I ever fail to sell a home I would hope to get the same result from my clients.

Just out of curiosity, when that agent came out to speak with you again about re-listing your property, I’m wondering what new strategies and tactics did they share with you that they are going to do this time that they failed to do the first time to get your home sold?

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