Objection Handling

Going To Sell FSBO

Set a listing appointment even when a customer is convinced they are going it alone.

I think I am just going to sell it on my own. 

No problem. That’s great, what do you plan on selling it for?
The nice thing is that our appointment is more of a complimentary lesson than a sales pitch.

If you like the things that I have to say you can incorporate them into your own strategy or if you’re really impressed you can put me to work to get top dollar for your house.

So, when can I come by to take a look at the home? What’s better for you, Tuesday at or Wednesday at ?


Out of curiosity, most people I talk to that have that intention of going by-owner have a timeline in mind of how long they want to try that before they interview aggressive agents like myself. What timeline is in your mind right now?

If in that timeline I do bring a buyer to your property would you be open to paying me a cooperating commission?

When that time comes that you are going to interview aggressive agents, do you already have somebody that you feel you are already committed to hiring?

Ok great, when can I come by to see your home? I’d like to know all about it so I can offer it to my buyers.

What’s better for you, Tuesday at or Wednesday at ?

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