For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

FSBO Followup Day 3

To be used in conjunction with FSBO Master Call Script. Third followup call.

Hey this is [Name] with [Company] and I was on the MLS this morning looking at homes in and around your neighborhood, is yours a 3br?

(Confirm the stuff you talked about) (Then Confirm the price) (Then try to set an appointment)

I know this week has been a little crazy for you, I know you have to get this place sold, so you can ________. I would like to go ahead and meet you this weekend. Would Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon work for you?

Setting the stage:

About the Author

Jason Morris

Jason Morris is one of the top agents in South Carolina and has become a personal coach to hundreds training them to become a master at taking listings through contacting FSBO and Expired leads. Not only does he share scripts and in-depth training on techniques he uses daily, he gives the invaluable behind-the-scenes look at WHY it all works.

You can find him and more of his training at

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