Cold Calling

Circle Prospecting Script

Fast dialing cold-call script for sellers.

Hi this is [Name] with [Company] and….I was wondering if MAYBE you were thinking of selling your home here in [City] in the near future. Had you given’ it some thought?

If they said NO (which they almost always did) then my response was:

Fair enough…have a great day. CLICK.

BUTif they said some version of “Actually…we HAD been kickin’ around the idea…” then I would follow up with:

Alright – and by ‘the near future’ do you mean the next 90 days or more like 3-6 months?

Setting the stage:

The working theory I came to was that using additional script to try and “dig out of people” the real truth of the matter was a waste of time. As was any other type of objection handler. It was simply more efficient to get the “no’s” off the phone and let the dialer work to get the next person on the line. The faster you cut the line with those who said “No” the better…because the faster you could work through so you could get to those who would say “Yes.”


About the Author

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Brian Kurtz is a former marine who has now become a cold-calling master. He prospects for upwards of 3 hours a day and through those thousands of hours on the phone, he has honed his skills and found what works with today’s buyers and sellers. He has been sharing his techniques and experiences on his blog at

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